Chinese Green Tea as the Drink to Health

May 27th, 2008

Green Tea 

Many studies suggest that fresh-brewed tea can benefit health and fight disease.

Tea is cosy, comforting, easy to brew, and can be enjoyed anywhere at any time. Chinese green has more varieties than any other tea in China as well as any other country in the world. Chinease green tea along with China Sichuan Cuisine I previously talked about, are all traditional food.

Tasty and Healthy

Chinese tea is healthy in a lot of ways. It lowers blood pressure, protects the heart, helps to prevent obesity, prevents tooth decay and increases immunity, etc. Sounds like a TV commercial but it has been working on more than billions of Chinese people over thousands of years.

Grean Tea is like jewelry in china agriculture food; It’s announced in November, 2001 that research has found scientific evidence that Chinese tea can actually help to prevent cancer. It’s more than just empty talk now. As a fellow Chinese tea drinker puts it “when I am home after a busy day, I make myself a cup of tea while sitting slanted on the sofa. A sip of hot tea down the throat, the whole world loosens up. The feeling is soooo … you know… “. Yes, as a Chinese tea drinker, Kam knows. Chinese tea’s impact on one’s psychological health is immediate. In summer or warm climate, tea seems to dispel the heat and bring on instant cool together with a feeling of relaxation. For this reason, tea-houses abound in towns and market villages in South China and provide elderly retirees with the locales to meet.

The above, however, does not go to say that the stronger the tea, the more advantages it will yield. Too much tannic acid will affect the secretion of the gastric juice, irritate the membrane of the stomach and cause indigestion or constipation. Strong tea taken just before bedtime will give rise to occasional insomnia. Constant drinking of over-strong tea may induce heart and blood-pressure disorders in some people, reduce the milk of a breast-feeding mother, and put a brown color on the teeth of young people. But it is not difficult to ward off these undesirable effects: just don’t make your tea too strong.

Green Tea Ingredient May Promote Healthy Weight Loss

Most teas contain large amounts of polyphenols, which are plant-based substances that have been shown to have antioxidant, anticancer, and antiviral properties.

However, green tea is particularly rich in a type of polyphenols called catechins. These substances have also been shown to have anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties, but recent research in animals show that catechins may also affect body fat accumulation and cholesterol levels.

Handpicked Yield High Quality Tea

In China, most leaves are still handpicked, which yields a higher quality crop. Many of the top grade teas are still handmade, allowing tea masters to finetune their process to optimise the quality of the individual leaves.

Knowledgeable tea drinkers can find the best of the finest in the Land of the Dragon. The low cost of living in China often results in affordable prices for many teas.
Unlike black tea, Chinese green tea is made with minimal processing. A process - called firing - applies heat to kill the enzymes and arrest the oxidation, or fermentation.

Traditionally, the Chinese uses three firing process: steaming, pan-frying and baking. Japanese tea only uses steaming.

Pan-frying was the most popular method in China. It was preferred over steaming for two reasons: it is quicker to pan-fry than to steam, and it stimulates an intense chestnuty aroma and flavor.

Baking can be done using either charcoal or electric oven. It is preferred over pan-frying when it is important to preserve the shape and texture, such as when making floral infused green tea. For the tea making tools, you could check more in kitchenware info site.

Many Chinese green tea are produced using combination of pan-frying and baking, allowing the advantages of each method to be exploited.
Chinese Tea is A Way of Life

A cup of tea in the morning sets the pace of the day. Sitting and chatting with a few good friends over a couple rounds of tea makes life worth living. Brewing Chinese tea calms me down.
Chinese tea is more than just something to drink. It has in fact become a way of life for many

Chinese Diet Green Tea and Longevity
It’s better than health medicine sometimes if you drink it for a long time.
The role of Chinese diet green tea in promoting longevity has been investigated upon by many researchers. They found the premise of their study on observing that Japanese women who are greater-than-average Chinese diet green tea drinkers; have lower mortality rates compared to others. This led the researchers to believe that Chinese diet green tea has “a protective factor against premature death.”

The polyphenols found in Chinese diet green tea may be held accountable. With its high amount of polyphenols, Chinese diet green tea seems to have a stimulating effect on the immune system. Stronger immune system as a result of drinking Chinese diet green tea helps reduce risks of acquiring any illnesses.

Why Chinese Don’t Need Forks and Knives

April 9th, 2008


Chopsticks is used many cultures in Asia and it has been around for thousands of years while the fork is relatively new and only used by Europeans. I wonder what Europeans used before, oh, yes, the hand and fingers. Most of the world still uses hand and fingers to eat.

Chopsticks works like two fingers grabbing food. Forks were only invented after they had good knowledge of metallurgy.

Anyway, imagine when you go camping, you have no fork, and what do you do? Use your hand to pick up your food. But it’s too hot, so you grab a stick!

Westerns always feel curious about chopsticks, and find it impossible to eat western food. The food culture difference between east and west explains the large difference with dining and Kitchenware tools.

What westerns worries doesn’t realise is in Chinese cooking, everything is sliced and diced into smaller pieces before cooking so Chinese people don’t need forks and knives. Western cooking dictates chunks of meat or vegetable that has not been diced so that is why most Westerners use forks and knives - because they need to!

It’s a cultural thingy. It’s the way they serve their food. They actually use chopsticks and spoon. Generally, for a family meal, all the different dishes (meat, fish, veggies, soup) are placed in the center of the table and each diner will have a bowl of rice. The meat and veggies will have been chopped up into smaller pieces. So they use chopstick to alternatively pick the dishes they want followed by shoveling rice into their mouths.

Westerners generally serve large chunk of meat individually and thus need fork and knife to assist in cutting these into smaller pieces before placing into the mouth.

There are several things to remember when you use chopsticks.

- Don’t dig in the food on a plate but just get the piece which you want to get
- Don’t pick one piece then drop it back in the plate and change to another piece
- Don’t let your chopsticks be covered with food juice or residue
- Don’t use chopsticks to beat any utensils to make any noise
- Don’t wave your chopsticks
- Don’t use chopsticks like forks
- Don’t use chopsticks as toothpicks
- Don’t lick or suck your chopsticks
- Don’t put chopsticks vertically in rice in a bowl since it resembles the incense sticks for the dead

-Particularly after SARS, it is more common these days that people use a pair of common chopsticks for fetching the food on the plates. Don’t forget to swap your own chopsticks with the ones provided when getting the food because of hygiene reasons.

In a Chinese meal, an even number of dishes should be ordered. Odd numbers of dishes would be appropriate only for occasions such as the meal after a funeral.

The best dish should be put in front of the most important person in order to show your respect. Chicken head or duck head on a plate should not point at guests. The big bowl of soup should be placed in the middle.

With chopsticks you can practically pick up anything with them, without a mess and neatly. Chopsticks are easier and quicker for me to use while eating, and also they are more agile. With chopsticks you can pick up many side dishes; mix and stuff in my mouth with ease. Forks break your food because you have to stab it. Forks are for baby. Once you get the hang of chopsticks, you will find it much easier to do things with.

It’s a culture thing, each dinning tool and Kitchenware has its own merits, we can’t say which is good or not. The above thoughts are just from a Chinese perspective. Why not try for your own and decide for yourself.

Share Ideas About Water Dispenser and Sprayer

March 26th, 2008

Hot Water Dispenser?Not Essential but Convenient

Instant hot water dispensers can be a great convenience for those who need quick access for things like coffee or soup. However, it takes only a minute or two more to heat your water in the microwave. Accessories such as instant hot water dispensers are a fancy touch to add to your kitchen for extra convenience. There are many kitchen appliances to choose from that I have not mentioned here. Popular and smaller items such as blenders, coffee makers, espresso machines, mixers, egg timers and more are great items to own, though not essential. Whatever kitchen appliances you choose to purchase for your kitchen, make sure they are in high quality condition and will be long lasting for your convenience.

Fancy Water Dispenser Out there: Can You Imaging

Golf Bag Drink Dispenser

One of the most convenient ways of keeping a cool drink handy while playing golf is by using a golf bag drink dispenser. These drink dispensers are made to go inside a golf bag and even look like a golf club. The golf bag drink dispenser will keep drinks cool long enough to complete a round of golf, which is very good for a golfer who has spent several hours in the hot sun and needs a refreshing drink once finishing his or her game. The golf bag drink dispenser is very handy to use since it works with a pump, so it works like a fountain drink dispenser instead of having to pour the drink, which can be very inconvenient while playing golf. Along with keeping cold drinks cold, these golf bag drink dispensers also keep warm drinks warm, perfect for golfers who love to golf in cooler temperatures. This is very useful compared to having to carry a thermos full of coffee or hot chocolate around while playing golf. Having a hot drink available also makes the game more enjoyable since the golfer is not thinking about being cold! These drink dispensers do run on batteries, but one set should last the entire golf session, depending of course on how often it is used by the golfer, a back up set of batteries wouldn’t be a bad idea to have on hand. Anytime a person plans to spend a lot of time outside whether to play golf or any other activity, especially in warmer temperatures, it is important to stay hydrated with cool liquids, regardless of how the liquid is contained. Of course, there are many ways of keeping cool liquids nearby, whether carrying a bottle of a cool drink, using a backpack drink dispenser or for those that play golf, a golf bag drink dispenser.

Bottled Water Dispensers

Bottled water dispensers are an excellent choice for Kitchen Implements. Currently available are also the terra cotta models, stone ware and mini coolers with hot and cold faucets. All the customer needs is to buy 5 gallon bottles or fill them up at home if a purifier is available. These dispensers are also available in the portable or counter top models. One major disadvantage with the bottled water dispenser is the maintenance. In the event the water cooler is not in regular use, or during summer months when the temperatures are higher, the clear fresh taste of bottled water might be difficult to achieve. Proper care of the bottled water and of the dispensers has to be a priority.

Hot Water Dispenser Installation

To install a hot-water dispenser, the sink top must have a hole that can receive the spout. Most hot-water dispensers are installed during kitchen remodeling in new sinks that have the proper number and configuration of holes. Though retrofits can be a little bit tricky, they’re not impossible. If your sink has a sprayer, you may be able to remove the sprayer and use the hole that it occupied. Or, if your sink has a separate spout for purified water, you can replace that one with a hot-and-cold model as explained above. Or check to see if the sink has an extra hole that hasn’t been punched out yet. In a real pinch, you can have a plumbing contractor drill a hole in stainless steel or porcelain–though you risk cracking porcelain.

Adding Versatility to the Faucets by Installing a Sink Sprayer

Turn off the water by closing the valves under the sink. Make sure the faucet can handle a sink sprayer. The faucet will have a capped opening beneath it. Remove the cap; Remove the soap dispenser or previous sprayer with a basin wrench; Insert the holder for the sprayer, and tighten the nut from beneath the sink. Feed the hose through the opening in the holder. Attach the hose to the connection under the faucet.

Repairing and Replacing a Kitchenware Sink Sprayer

If you have a sprayer on your kitchen sink, you know how handy they are. If your sprayer is not working properly, you’re definitely aware of how handy they are, and you’re probably very annoyed that yours isn’t working anymore! When your sprayer is clogged, it is simple to repair. All you have to do is buy CLR or a similar product that removes build up. This is a pretty strong chemical, so it’s a good idea to wear gloves when you work with it. Dilute it according to the directions, using hot water. It’s a good idea to use a small glass instead of a plastic or metal container. Simply soak your sprayer head (still attached) in the solution for the recommended time, rinse it with hot water, then spray. It should be good as new!

Broken Sprayer Head and How to Replace the Sprayer Head and Hose

You might find it difficult or impossible to push the lever on your sprayer head. It might even be broken and constantly pushed down. If it’s getting harder and harder to push, it will eventually break. You might as well save yourself the inconvenience and replace it now. The whole spray head will unscrew from the plastic fixture that connects it to the hose. Take that off, and then remove the plastic gasket. If your sprayer “screams” or whistles when you use it, you probably have a hose problem. You can either buy just a replacement hose or the whole unit, including a new Sprayer head. If your sprayer is old, get the whole unit. It will save you time and trouble as the sprayer head is usually already attached. First, turn off the water supply to the kitchen sink. You will see little faucets under the sink. One is the hot water supply and one is the cold. Turn both all the way to the right. You will see where the sprayer hose is connected to the plumbing. Disconnect it. Next, look up to the place directly under where the sprayer is located on your sink. There should be a simple nut. Loosen it so you can remove the little sleeve that surrounds the sprayer opening. Take out the old hose. Replace it with the new one by feeding it through the sleeve. In some situations, you might have to disconnect the sprayer head to fit through the sleeve. Reconnect the sprayer to the plumbing, tighten the nut under the sprayer, and turn the water supply back on. Now test out your new sprayer, you do-it-yourself god or goddess!

Ever-increasing Market for Induction Cooking Unit in China

January 20th, 2008

Now the fast rhythm of life and the pursuit of leisure comfort are welcomed by the young people, many of them consider an induction cooking unit as a device combing convenience, health and economy. So they are increasingly invented to the kitchen in china.

The sales performance of Induction Cooking Unit is promising and got great market potential.

Gas Price High in China – A Better Alternative is Induction Cooktop

In the recent gas price increases, Induction Cooktop turns out to be a “new favorites”.

In induction cooking, heat is transferred from the cooktop to the pot by way of a magnetic force. In powerful commercial units, cooking is two to three times faster than in electric or gas ranges. The smaller home version is less impressive for speed: it takes about four minutes to boil two cups of water, which is only marginally faster than a home gas range.

Yet the induction cooktop is intriguing to many cooks for other reasons. For one, the cooking surface remains cool to the touch as heat is conducted magnetically to the pot. Morevover, chefs say heat can be turned up and down much faster and more precisely, which is important when making sauces.

Psychological Obstacles Preventing Chinese People Using this Kitchenware

There are two major factors that seem not to be good news to the induction cooktop industry. Traditionally, Chinese Like Big Fire, Not Quite Used to The Frying Pan with Electric Power, and they are also afraid of the the Heat Radiation Problem, which are not stated clearly in any authorized paper. So the idea of heat radiation is vague, people wonder the quality of the induction cooktop and worried that if it would do harm to their health.

Quality Testing – Lacking National Standard for Radiation Problem

Induction cooking unit’s radiation parameters are not yet compulsory national accreditation standards.

It is understood that for domestic induction cooking unit to enter EU, American and other markets, it must go through some local authentication, such as the European Union CE, Germany GS, electronics, room CB, American ETL certification. With the certification, the market is “Pass”. Currently, only a few brands for export induction cooktop will enforce international standards.

For the domestic market, consumers should “polish” the eyes, weigh the merits and selectively buying. Under the existing national standardized management system, our GB are not keeping pace with the pace of international standard. IEC standards have not been developed. The consumer should better choose some well-know brand in china to better avoid the quality problem.

Popular Brand for Induction Equipment in China




Induction Cooking Combines High Performance, Energy Efficiency

Benefits of Induction Cooking

Better Heat

Induction cooktops are on par with gas and higher than electric stovetops in terms of heat output. The best induction models can achieve up to 3,500W output. In addition, almost no heat is wasted. A typical induction stovetop applies approximately 85 percent of its heat output to cooking, while a gas cooker can only achieve about 40 percent.


Heat levels can be adjusted to very fine increments and instantaneously.

Easy Clean-up

As is the case with most smoothtops, cleaning is a cinch, especially since there is no need to wait for the unit to cool down.


Heat is generated only in the pot or pan itself, so burns are less likely. Also, induction uses electricity, so there is also no danger of a gas leak.

Disadvantages of Induction Cooking


Because it uses electromagnetism, induction cooking requires the use of ferrous (containing iron) cookware, which is often marked as induction friendly on its label. Copper and ceramic won’t work on most current models, though induction stovetops that can handle any type of metal are being developed.

A drawback of induction cooking is that it works only with pots and pans that contain iron or some magnetic material. Cast-iron pots work, but most stainless steel and copper ones do not (the new line of All-Clad pans is an exception). J. P. Prince sells Mauviel’s line of heavy-gauge pots and pans with an iron core. The pots are expensive, though: a 9 1/2-inch saucepan costs $105, a 9 1/2-inch saute pan $82.50.

Energy Saving

2000 watts induction cooktop boil water of 1 kg only take less than three minutes, saving meal cost, on the other hand, the traditional gas stove will need more time and energy to get the job done. Heating elements under a ceramic-glass surface use electricity to produce a magnetic field that heats only the cooking container, and the cook is able to go from extremely low to extremely high settings and back again nearly instantly. Food heats much faster, which saves energy. Induction cooking is about 90% energy-efficient, while gas and electricity are about 50% and 60% efficient, respectively.

Not Mainstream in Kitchenware Industry Right Now – But Got Big Potential

Induction cooking is not some radical new technology: it has long been widely used around the world. But, for some reason (perhaps a lack of adequate information and explanation), when first introduced to North America some years ago it never quite caught on. Till quite recently, few outside professional circles had even heard of it, and those who had were often confused about just what it is. But, more or less all of a sudden, that is finally changing. Indeed, some familiar with the field are suggesting that within five to ten years induction cooktops may almost completely capture the field for new installations, worldwide.

With recent improvements in technology, induction-cooking equipment is now better than ever while yet being more affordable than ever.

Market Future

Although enterprises should improve technology and prevent the induction cooktop from electromagnetic leakage, but the industry standard solution to this problem is still fundamental. I think the relevant Chinese department should take this matter seriously as soon as possible.

Experts believe that the induction cooking unit may replace traditional gas stoves and microwave ovens in all of the millions of families in china. So if it becomes true, it‘s a amazing large market that you can image, just think how much family china had.

China Kitchenware manufactures or suppliers are now competing against each other fiercely in the domestic market. Focusing on the quality, safety concerns and creative design are the most important issue in my eyes.

Kitchen Design Trends Worth Noticing

December 28th, 2007

One of the biggest trends in kitchen design is to open the kitchen to adjacent space. In newer homes there is already a trend towards creating a ‘great room’ by combining kitchen with family or living room. This is usually accomplished by removing the wall between them.

Other trends are cabinets as furniture, under mounted sinks, natural stone for kitchen countertops, and use of commercial grade appliances.

Designing Your Ideal Kitchen

Today’s modern kitchen serves as a family hub of household activity and entertaining. They are now well lit, open places. The kitchen’s size and design should address your family’s lifestyle and how your kitchen is used for cooking, eating and entertaining. Since the kitchen is called on to fill more roles than any other room in the house they have had to increase in size as well. Today’s kitchen design challenge is in creating an open-faced kitchen - one that’s part of a dining area, family room or so-called great room.

Both the function and style of the modern kitchen play important roles when tackling a kitchen design or renovation project.

If you’re remodeling an existing kitchen or planning a kitchen addition or a new home, here is some current kitchen design trends to keep in mind.

Kitchens as Part of Great Rooms

One of the more recent trends in modern kitchen design ideas is to make the kitchen part of a ‘great room’, that is to combine the kitchen with an adjacent family room. To create the great room the wall separating the kitchen and family room or dining room is completely removed creating a more open space centered by a spacious kitchen island or peninsula.

There are some definite advantages to expanding the kitchen. You can open up the space and in so doing you make both the kitchen and the other room look and feel more specious. Also since kitchen cabinetry, countertops and appliances are beautiful pieces of furniture in their own right you can now show off your new kitchen. Your remodeling costs won’t really increase all that much by opening up the kitchen other than the cost of extra cabinetry. Anyway the added cost that would be put into this type of kitchen design would be more that offset by the increase in the value of your home.

Cabinets Designed To Look Like Furniture

Furniture-style cabinetry will continue to be a popular trend in kitchen design at least according to the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA). These furniture-style cabinets are considered to be especially popular in the development of kitchen islands. Features that give cabinets a furniture-like appearance are legs or bun feet, corbals onlays and mouldings. Cabinet doors are made with solid hardwoods, the most popular being maple and cherry. As for finishes light and medium finishes continue to be popular, although kitchen designers and trendwatchers also see a growing interest in deep, rich browns as influenced by the furniture industry to some extent and to create a more formal look for the kitchen.

Cabinet manufacturers and kitchen designers are starting to design more individual and freestanding pieces of furniture instead of the usual built-in cabinetry for expanded ‘great room’ kitchens. This is known as the ‘unfited’ kitchen design first popularized by English designers and cabinetmakers. This also leads to another trend of incorporating features from heirloom quality furniture such as glazed, distressed and antique finishes.

Undermounted Sinks

Undermounted sinks in both cast iron and stainless steel are among recent changes in kitchen design because homeowners like the clean smooth look which blends with modern designs. The advantages of an undermounted sink are that it is functional, beautiful and very easy to install. The bowl is attached underneath a countertop. No sink rim shows above the countertop and there is no lip to collect water and catches dirt and crumbs. Instead debris is easily swept into the sink so that the counter can be cleaned faster.

Other recent trends in modern kitchen design include:

. Countertops: Natural stone remains most popular countertop material with the most popular being granite. Limestone is another popular choice. Mixing different materials is becoming more common, using stone on some counters, butcher block or concrete on others.

. Appliances: Commercial quality appliances are becoming popular particularly ranges, as are built in refrigerators and European style dishwashers. Warming drawers and convection microwave ovens that can be used as a second oven are also popular.

. Putting pots and pans into drawers. With heavy-duty drawer glides one can put large, heavy pots in drawers instead of cupboards now.

. Cabinet door thickness is likely to be 1 inch instead of 3/4 inch since this size is more considered as being of higher quality.

. Glazed, distressed and antique finishes are being used more and more to replace traditional ornate details once used on many high-end cabinets.

. Painted finishes now include colors as cranberry, white, off-white and oyster.

. According to kitchen designers as today’s kitchen expands in size and complexity, “mixed orders” are becoming more commonplace. Kitchen islands, wet bars, baking centers and butler’s pantries are being incorporated into more and more kitchen designs creating the need for more contrasts-in cabinet styles, colors, types of wood and finishes.