Chinese People Now Drinks Soymilk

Soy foods are also dairy-free and are ideal for people with lactose intolerance and milk allergies. Soy foods are great for the dietary treatment of diabetes because soybeans have a low glycemic index and are cholesterol free (heart disease is a diabetic related condition). Soy foods can be used as a protein source in vegetarian diets because they contain the necessary amount of essential amino acids for tissue repair and growth.

But, it’s clearly to see that people’s enthusiasm with milk has declinded tremendously. In fact, as Chinese people, we have a better alternative, which is “soymilk“. Now the old soymilk are enjoying unprecedented popularity in China. Sales of soy milk makers have actually been booming in the past two years as more and more people have been switching to homemade fresh soy milk.

I absolutely LOVE soy milk. I am not vegan but I just think that cows milk is many hormones in it (unless you get the organic kind..but really, who knows how credible that is..)I think that soy milk is just healthier.Also, here’s something to think about:we are the only animals that drink another animals milk. I know that there have been cases where cats will drink a dog’s milk or vice versa but consider that it is the result of human interventio.

I swear by Silk Soymilk. Check it out! It comes in a few varities and is so yummy! (I even turned my omnivorous boyfriend onto it, as well as some other soy products :)  

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