Distinctive Features of Chinese Cooking

Sometimes, a Chinese crusine is more than just delicious food, it combines the cultures inside and enjoys many distinctivel features that surprise the westerners.

Food concerning regional matter

China is a vast country and it is therefore no surprise that there are many regional variations in Chinese cuisine. Chinese cooking are usually broken down into five styles of regional cuisines: Peking and the north, the Yangtze River and the east, Szechuan in the west, Fukien and the southern coast, and Canton and the south.  

It combines food with medicine

The cooking techniques of our country are closely related to Chinese medical treatment and health care. We believe that food and traditional medicine have the same origin and actions. We can take advantage of the medicinal properties of the raw materials and turn them into all kinds of food, thereby accomplishing the purpose of preventing and curing certain diseases.

It pays attention to temperament and interest

The cooking of our country has placed an emphasis on taste and interest since very early time. It not only has strict requirements on the color, fragrance and flavor of meals and snacks, but also has certain requirements for the naming of dishes, the manner of tasting the flavor, the rhythm of having dinner and the insertion of entertainment. The names of Chinese dishes can be called reaching for perfection and suiting both refined and popular tastes.

 Let’s just name a few, to discover more interesting cooking art and styles, please stayed tuned and pay attention to my blog often.

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