Chinese Tea and Chinese Wine

The Chinese wine is different from wine of Occident, the wine of Occident was made by the fruit; Chinese wine was made by the grain. The Chinese wine is known as Chinese liquor too. For the most part, grains were used to ferment wine throughout China in ancient times. Thus, whether or not the grain harvest was bountiful became a criterion by which successive governments decided whether to lift their ban on wine making or how heavy a wine tax to levy. Over the ages, wine gradually became directly linked to the daily life and tax burden of the people.

In China History, Chinese can express the miss, commemorate, cherish the memory, the friendship, etc. emotions through the wine. The wine makes the atmosphere warm, enable relax in the heart, make the distance between people and people close, has promoted mutual understanding. So the wine is the articles expressing the emotion in China.

Not only the Chinese wine have refined names in the beverage, Chinese Tea is more graceful than the Chinese wine, but Chinease tea can’t replace the status of wine, not merely because the Chinese wine is elegant, Chinese tea is fresh and cool, also because the Chinese wine is lively, Chinese tea is exclusiveness.

Chinese tea and Chinese wine is a pair of good friends. The person who the drink tea might not drink wine, the person drinking will certainly drink tea. As a kind of food culture, Chinese wine has already blent into the old civilization of Chinese nation; as the necessities of the Chinese people’s lives, Chinese wine has already blent into the blood of social life. 

Chinese Tea  is the Chinese drink of drinks. Tea is a symbol of earthly purity. It’s reparation calls for the most fastidious cleanliness from the time of picking and drying of the leaves to the final infusion and drinking. Tea is easily spoilt by the slightest contamination of oily hand or cups, or scent. It must therefore be kept away from scent of any kind. It has been pointed out that tea resembles the recluse and is for quit company. It can only be enjoyed in an atmosphere where there is no ostentation or suggestion of luxury.

It is said that wine can be enjoyed with sing-song girls, but not tea.For more than a thousand years tea drinking has given the greatest pleasure in Chinese life. it is for more than just quenching of thirst. It is for relaxation in quiet company. With children or babies crying or people quarreling it would be impossible to enjoy the tea. The atmosphere for drinking should be such that it leads to quiet contemplation and to the realms of the immortals. this is exactly what a scholar of the seventh century A.D. said. He wrote about his tea drinking pleasure.

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