Tools and Techniques of BBQ

Between the relaxed atmosphere and great food, there’s virtually no downside to barbecuing. 

The ultimate grill tool - a BBQ basket

BBQ baskets come in all shapes and sizes (the one above is designed for a fish) so I’m sure you’ll end up buying a few in your barbecuing life so to start you off here’s just a couple of pointers to get you going:-Make sure there’s a long handle preferably encapsulated in plastic (so you don’t burn your hands) Consider plastic handles rather than wood if dish washing is your preferred method of cleaning To prevent food sticking, brush the BBQ basket with a little oil before putting the food in. TIP - If your basket has hinge rings (they don’t stand much pressure) strengthen the joint using a couple of key rings. This is essential when doing the spatchcock chicken, if you don’t the rack will just ping apart.So there you have it, the ultimate grill tool - a BBQ basket. 

Learn the BBQ techniques in advance 

So enjoy your Happy Summer Time with Barbecue The nice thing about using a barbecue, whether it’s a gas grill or charcoal grill, is that the techniques used are pretty universal when it comes to cooking your food. Do be aware that different grills will cook differently so there may a learning curve of just getting used to a grill when you first start out. There is a plethora of information and references out there for first time barbecuer. You can buy hardbound books filled with recipes and tips, or download digital e-books that contain the same, or even search the Internet for tons of free recipes and advice on all things barbecue. With any of these resources you can become a seasoned grill master in a relatively short time.

Choose the suitable Grills

Everyone who barbecues has their own opinion on what type of barbecue is best. The traditional charcoal barbecue grill and the more modern barbecue gas grill are the two best selling types of grill today. Aficionados of the charcoal grill continually espouse the classic smoky barbecue taste that a charcoal grill brings while those who favor the gas barbecue grill enjoy the ease of use and controllability of the gas grill. No matter which one of these barbecues you choose you are sure to enjoy them for years to come. There are many ways you can turn your grilling not only into a flavorful and fun way to cook, but also into a healthy way to eat. By choosing foods that are low in fat, high in nutrients and full of flavor you can get great meals that are also healthy. Either by fat being heated to extreme temperatures or by the smoke created by fat burning. For the most part this applies to meat fats and not just the grease and fat from what you are cooking but the build up from the bottom of your grill.

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